hi, i'm ido 👋

I'm a Product Person and a web 1.0 kid. Built my first website when I was 9 and wanted to own idogoldberg.com ever since. now I do.

I'm passionate about philosophy, history and building cool things. Curious about almost everything else. Founded one company and one independent publisher. Spent the last few years leading product over @ OpenWeb building experiences and technology that's used by the world's biggest publishers to create and grow their own commnuities. Lately very excited about Web3, HODLing since '17 💎🤲. PPE graduate, Maccabi fan 💛💙, Muay Thai newbie 🥊.
Send me an email if you'd like to talk. I'm also on Twitter & Linkedin.


Building something new 🛠️


SVP, Product @ OpenWeb
Analyst @ Simplex
Co-founder @ tech&law IL
Co-founder @ Pali
Infantry Company XO @ IDF 🪖