hi, i'm ido 👋

I'm a Product Person and a web 1.0 kid. Built my first website when I was 9 y/o and wanted to own idogoldberg.com ever since. now I do.

I'm passionate about philosophy, history and building cool things. Curious about almost everything else. Founded one company two companies and one independent publisher. Spent the last few years leading product over @ OpenWeb building experiences and technology that's used by the world's biggest publishers to create and grow their own commnuities.

Excited about what more the internet can become if its core building blocks are built as public goods. Happy to be actively building in this space (HODLing since '17 💎🤲). PPE graduate, Maccabi fan 💛💙, Muay Thai newbie 🥊.
Send me an email if you'd like to talk. I'm also on Twitter & Linkedin.


Building something new 🛠️


SVP, Product @ OpenWeb
Analyst @ Simplex
Co-founder @ tech&law IL
Co-founder @ Pali
Infantry Company XO @ IDF 🪖